Ayurvedic Getaway

May 28th- 30th
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    Steep yourself in a weekend getaway of Ancient wisdom, traditional cooking & self care!

    Ayurveda & Seasonal eating meets Spanish adobe wonderland. Not only will you be immersed in creative, hands-on Ayurveda & culinary classes, you will be staying at a special space set up for hot tubbing, an infinite pool made for afternoon dips & a view that will transport you to the Tuscan hills. 

     Elise & Anna have curated this retreat experience to teach you new health routines, and how to to cook traditional ayurvedic meals, all while relaxing & having fun! Take a step away from technology and immerse yourself in Ayurvedic wisdom, delicious Ayurvedic meals that you will learn how to make, & plenty of play time for you to journal, swim, nap, hydrate, & just be, while sipping on custom hot and iced medicinal tea blends throughout the weekend.

    What will your getaway include?

    ~ Two Ayurvedic workshops that will help deepen your practice

    ~ All gourmet meals created specifically for your Dosha including a farm to table meal

    ~ 2 hands on cooking classes


    Ayurvedic Workshops

    Hands on Ayurvedic Cooking classes

    cups of tea

    of you time

    Ayuverdic Workshops with Anna

    1. Ayurvedic Morning Rituals

    Ayurvedic morning routines called are Dinacharya. We will go over the 5 rituals that are a must to being body & mind ready for your day! We will learn about and practice neti pot, nasya, tongue scraping, abhyanga self oil massage, & eye washing. 

    2. Ayurvedic Preparation for Summer

     A lot of people are familiar with buying food that is in season, but Ayurveda takes this concept a step further and shifts the spices we cook with, the herbs we drink & the activities we prioritize with the seasonal changes. The summertime is the PEAK of our energy for the year, it is when the days are long and the heat is up! How can we stay cool and calm in the summer? What herbs and spices should we reach for? What activities should we stay away from? Which activities should we indulge in? What is the energy that the summer season is teaching us? We will cover all of this & more in the Aligning with the Seasons: Ayurveda for the Summertime workshop!



    Anna is so well prepared and literally a magician in her field. She guided me through digestion tips, menstrual cycle guidance and a beautiful explanation about the energetics in my body. My digestion got so much better with her herbs and tinctures. I felt hopeful and grateful after the 1:1 session with Anna !
    Federica Dallorso

    Plant based Lebanese

    Ayurvedic Cooking Classes with Elise

    1. OMGhee

    Together, we will learn to make one of Ayurvedics staple ingredients from scratch- Ghee! After learning how to make the ghee, we will learn how to use it to cook our Ayurvedic dinner for the evening.

    2. Farm to table Indian Night

    Field trip to a local farm and pick fresh produce

    3. All meals are included

    All your meals for the weekend will be made from scratch with organic, local ingredients and will adhere to Ayurvedic practices. Delicious, meals to heal your body.



    “Elise is an amazing chef artist. Her food warms the soul, you can taste the love and care that goes into it. “

    Mags Chuang-Mathews

    Physical Therapist

    Your Villa in the Mountains

    Welcome to Adobe del Cielo the “House of Heaven” or “House of Sky”

    Make yourself at home in this unique, handcrafted mud home. Perched on a hill overlooking the valley, with a hot tub, infinity pool, & multiple outdoor/indoor fireplaces, you will be immersed in the serenity and luxury of rest and self care. Experience the medicine of sleeping in a mud home surrounded by nature & just wait until you see the sunsets!! 


    Location: Placerville, California

    The closest airport is Sacramento International Airport about an hour drive from the location. SFO & OAK are about 2 hours from the villa. Traveling from Sacramento is less than an hour, from Sonoma is 2 hours and from Nevada County is 1.5 hours

    Logan Guest Room

     Bunk+Queen Bed shared bathroom in hallway (3 people) $1700 per person

    Luna Guest Room

     Queen Bed + shared bathroom in hallway (1-2 people), $1,700 per person

    Ada Master Suite

     King Bed + fireplace, private bathroom with shower and copper soaking tub (1 – 2 people) $1900 Double Occupancy or $2200 Single Occupancy 

    Lluvia Suite

     Queen Bed + day bed, private bathroom with shower (2 – 3 people) $1900 Double/Triple Occupancy or $2200 Single Occupancy 

    Marissa Upstairs Master Suite

     King Bed + fireplace, private bathroom (1 – 2 people) $1900 Double Occupancy or $2200 Single Occupancy 

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